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Back in 1989 when Bench was born, it was initially renowned for being a small menswear brand excelling in skate and BMX inspired pieces. Since then, Bench has exploded into a global fashion brand offering stylish clothing for a 24-hour lifestyle. It has adeptly grown into a worldwide phenomenon by developing iconic solutions like the hoody to cater for the contemporary clothes wearer and managed to integrate womenswear and kidswear into its existing product portfolio. Purchase any Bench item and you’re guaranteed something timeless, fashionable and comfortable.

The expert team of designers at Bench primarily focus on producing a diverse number of clothing items that fit any form of living; it’s in the Bench DNA. Contemporary styling is blended with functionality and quality fabrics to create solutions that can cope with the demands of a 24-hour lifestyle. Life and Performance are two further core elements of their most current product ranges.

No other fashion brand can claim such expertise in producing the iconic hoody, something that Bench has been doing for more than 25 years. Virtually every city dweller the world over possesses a hoody in their wardrobe.

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