Frequently Asked Questions

We have created some FAQs to help you plan your next visit to Lakeside Village

When are you reopening?

we will be opening at 10.00am on Monday 12th April 2021

What times will you open?

We are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 am and will close at 6.00pm.
Thursdays late nights shopping 10.00 am until 7.00 pm.
Saturdays 9.30am – 6.00pm
Sundays 10.00am – 4.00pm.

Individual stores may operate different opening hours so please do keep checking the Lakeside Village website for updates.

What days will you open?

Lakeside Village will be open every day, except Christmas day.

What shops will be open?

Please visit individual store pages for details of their opening times.

What cafes will be open?

Is it safe to shop at Lakeside Village, what measures have you put in place?

We have put several measures in place to keep both our customers and staff safe these include:

  • Ten hand sanitiser stations have been introduced across the centre
  • PPE introduced for security and cleaning operatives when required
  • Onsite posters including directional signage have been installed around the centre for customers
  • Some toilet cubicles and sinks have been cordoned off to keep safe distances
  • Additional cleaning routines have been added across the centre
  • The indoor play area will remain closed temporarily
  • Walkways and queueing systems are clearly marked outside of stores to ensure social distancing is maintained as well as limits to the number of people allowed in each store at any one time
  • Only one cash machine can be used at any one time
  • During the lockdown period, the centre has also undergone a deep clean

How many people are allowed to come?

Lakeside Village will be closely monitoring the number of customers at the site at any one time. All our staff will be following the government guidelines of keeping two metres apart. Queuing systems will also been implemented at every store to limit the number of customers allowed in-store at any one time.

Will your toilets facilities be open?

Yes, the toilets will also be cleaned more regularly by one of our dedicated cleaning operatives.

The family toilet will also be open and cleaned regularly.

Will the disabled toilets still open?

Yes, both the disabled toilets and Changing Places facility are open. They will be cleaned more regularly.

What facilities will be open?

The Breastfeeding Room, Quiet room and Baby Change will all be open. They will be monitored and cleaned regularly.

How safe is every store?

Each store is responsible for the safety of its customers and staff. Entrance doors to each store will be left open for access so that you don’t need to touch the doors.

How many people are allowed in each store?

The number of people allowed into each store varies depending on the size of the store. This will be closely monitored and reviewed.

Why is the indoor play area closed?

To avoid any cross-contamination and breaking of social distancing rules, for the safety of all our customers the indoor play area will remain temporarily closed.

Are the play areas open?

The outdoor play area will be open, However, please make sure that social distancing is still adhered to.

Will the cash machines be working?

Yes, the cash machines are working, although strict social distancing rules will be in place. We advise that customers use either a coin or their knuckle to press the buttons. Hand sanitiser will also be provided for customers to use before and after.

Do I need to wear a mask to visit Lakeside Village?

Please check government guidelines for information on this. Masks must be worn inside shops and also inside our Guest Services area.

Will the car park be open?

Yes, the car park is now fully open, but will still be locked down at night.

Have you made any social distancing changes to the car park?

No, the car park is open as usual. Please park responsibly.

Are there first aiders on-site?

Yes, all of our security officers are first aid trained, if first aid is required PPE will be used at all times.

Can I spend my gift card?

You can still spend your Lakeside Village gift card in any of the open stores.

My gift card has run out whilst you were closed?

If this is the case please contact [email protected], with your gift card details, we can extend your gift card for 90 days if required due to these exceptional circumstances.

What buses are running?

For up to date travel information please visit

Will I be able to use the electric vehicle charger?

Yes, the electric vehicle charger will be operating. There is hand sanitizing gel available for customers to use.

Can I still bring my dog to site?

Yes, we welcome your furry friends to Lakeside Village. Check our paw stickers on store windows/doors before entering stores.

Blue Paw stickers – Only assistance pooches are welcome this store
Green Paw stickers – Your pooches are very welcome this store

What offers have you got on?

Please check the offers page and Lakeside Village Facebook page for offers in each store.

Will the Amazon lockers still be available?

Yes, the Lockers are still available, please look out for Amazon CHUCKLE, when choosing a delivery option.

Will the Royal Mail Post box open?

Yes, this service is open as normal.