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Summer Sale Now On – Curtains from £20

Buxton44×54 Pencil Pleat Curtain£50.00£25.00£20.00
Buxton44×54 Eyelet Curtain£60.00£30.00£24.00
Buxton44×72 Pencil Pleat Curtain£70.00£35.00£28.00
Buxton44×72 Eyelet Curtain£80.00£40.00£32.00
Buxton44×90 Pencil Pleat Curtain£80.00£40.00£32.00
Buxton44×90 Eyelet Curtain£90.00£45.00£36.00
Buxton66×108 Pencil Pleat Curtain£140.00£70.00£56.00
Buxton66×108 Eyelet Curtain£150.00£75.00£60.00
Buxton66×54 Pencil Pleat Curtain£80.00£40.00£32.00
Buxton66×54 Eyelet Curtain£90.00£45.00£36.00
Buxton66×72 Pencil Pleat Curtain£100.00£50.00£40.00
Buxton66×72 Eyelet Curtain£110.00£55.00£44.00
Buxton66×90 Pencil Pleat Curtain£120.00£60.00£48.00
Buxton66×90 Eyelet Curtain£130.00£65.00£52.00
Buxton90×108 Pencil Pleat Curtain£190.00£95.00£76.00
Buxton90×108 Eyelet Curtain£200.00£100.00£80.00
Buxton90×54 Pencil Pleat Curtain£100.00£50.00£40.00
Buxton90×54 Eyelet Curtain£110.00£55.00£44.00
Buxton90×72 Pencil Pleat Curtain£130.00£65.00£52.00
Buxton90×72 Eyelet Curtain£140.00£70.00£56.00
Buxton90×90 Pencil Pleat Curtain£160.00£80.00£64.00
Buxton90×90 Eyelet Curtain£170.00£85.00£68.00
BuxtonSquare Cushion£20.00£10.00£8.00

Selected lines only, see in store for details

Available from  03/06/2019

Julian Charles

Yes it’s still dark and gloomy outside with a chilly nip in the air, but we have so much to look forward to this spring/summer with Julian Charles

Transform your home with our SS19 collections, from dreamy crisps whites to floral blooms, country chic to trendy tropical prints or simply sail away with our nautical themes, we’ve got it covered!

Our curtain range has got bigger and better with over 80 designs now available in-store or online, in an array of styles and colours to suit, all options are now available in both eyelet and pencil pleat headings.

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